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About the game

In a world of countless islands populated with scattered tribes, you travel and lead your people as a visionary to forge alliances with the inhabitants, after helping each other and gaining their trust. Send out your pioneers to discover untouched soil, find hidden resources and explore secret places.

  • EXPERIENCE HOW THOUSANDS OF INHABITANTS scurry around to execute your orders and build your village and claim your territory.
  • BUILD A FLOURISHING ECONOMY with over 40 buildings and more than 70 different goods.
  • EXPLORE THE INFINITE VARIATIONS of procedurally generated maps and face ever new challenges.
  • PROTECT YOUR POPULATION from hostile animals, plundering bandits and mythical creatures.
  • POPULATE THE FANTASTICAL ISLANDS and send out your pioneers to explore new lands, find hidden resources and uncover secrets.
  • UNITE WITH SCATTERED TRIBES by helping them solve their problems and fulfill their most important desires.

Enjoy the fantastical and inviting world of Pagonia, where your carefully considered decisions cause thousands of bustling inhabitants to satisfy your orders. Every transport of goods, manufacturing process and discovery your people make is comprehensible and presented with lovely animations in this ultimate game world simulation.

Production Chains

Use your creativity and strategic skills to build a thriving economy! Watch your Pagonians water fields, harvest crops and produce excellent meals for your population! The more food and housing you provide, the more you increase the number of diligent workers. They will boost your production by working as miners, woodcutters, armor- and weaponsmiths and many more!

Procedural Maps

Set out into the mysterious fog and expand your territory to find scattered tribes, new land, and hidden secrets of Pagonia! Your mission is to help neutral tribes by trading valuable resources, discovering mythical artifacts, and finding your lost people. You have reached your goal once you explored the whole island, defeated enemies, and united everyone who was lost.

Dangerous Enemies

Defend your carefully constructed village from cunning enemies. If you get too close to their border, they will attack you! Bandits are crafty swordsmen and thieves will steal goods from your production buildings. Mythical enemies such as werewolves and ghosts also lurk in the shadows. Be careful and send strong military units to defeat them, otherwise they will bite your Pagonians and turn them into werewolves! With a powerful economy, you will be able to defeat the dangers that lie in wait for you.

Exploration & Encounters

Procedural maps provide endless possibilities and a vast variety of game experiences. Choose your playstyle and create unique islands! Adjust the number of neutral factions, the structure of terrain types and the difficulty of enemies. If you prefer to fully focus on building a village with no enemies at all, simply generate a map without them!

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Early Access

Please note that our game just entered Early Access. It is not a finished game yet and we plan to continuously extend and improve the gameplay experience.

Game & Backstory

What is the backstory of the game?

Originally, the myriad islands of Pagonia were populated by scattered villages where the skilled inhabitants lived in peace. A cataclysm of unknown origin has thrown the world out of balance: Forests are infested with thorny vines, mountain passes are impassable due to landslides, villages are invaded by raiders, and cursed creatures have been sighted in many places. Villages are separated from each other, and their inhabitants face serious challenges.

What is the role of the player?

You lead your people as a visionary, traveling by ship to the myriad islands to aid their troubled inhabitants with your tribe's advanced craftsmanship and mystical knowledge. Your goal is to reunite the islanders by solving their most pressing problems and eliminating dangers.

What is fascinating about your game?

The player experiences a fascinating anthill of thousands of bustling units that execute orders without individual or direct command. The dynamics of all the interconnected game systems lead to proud accomplishments when things go according to plan, as well as unexpected surprises that challenge the player every time.

Is there magic in your world?

Yes, the world of Pagonia has mysteries, mysticism, rituals, and magic. But these are extraordinary and too common for everyone.

Technical Information

Where are my saved games stored?

If you have Steam Cloud enabled, you can find your saves games in the Steam installation folder. Please refer to the Steam documentation for more information.

If you do not have Steam Cloud enabled, your saved games are stored in c:\users\<name>\Saved Games\Pioneers of Pagonia.

What is the minimum specification for Pioneers of Pagonia?

The latest minimum and recommended specifications are always shown on our Steam store page. Please note that the game could run on configurations not listed or below the minimum specification, but we currently only test for the specified setups.

Is Steam Deck supported?

Currently, Steam Deck is not supported.

I bought the Supporter Edition and cannot find the wallpapers

You need to download the DLC and then open the folder containing the wallpapers. To do that please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Steam App.
  2. Navigate to “Library” and select “Pioneers of Pagonia”.
  3. On the right side you’ll see the DLC section. Click “Manage My 1 DLC”.
  4. Make sure that the DLC called “Pioneers of Pagonia Wallpaper” has a blue checkmark. If not, click the select box and wait until the download has completed.
  5. Close that window and right-click the game in your library.
  6. From the context menu click “Manage” -> “Browse local files”.
  7. A Windows Explorer will open and you should find a folder named “Supporter Edition Wallpaper”.
  8. This folder contains all wallpapers.


Please refer to our new roadmap announced on December 7th to learn more about our major game updates in the near future. You can find it on our Steam store page.

Does the game offer multiplayer?

Currently, no multiplayer modes are available. We will provide shared co-op with Content Update 3. Please have a look at our roadmap for further details.


Please note that there could be issues in localized text, like missing translations. We will continue to improve all localized languages during Early Access.

You can suggest improvements to the localized texts on our Discord server in the channel loca-feedback channel.

Conflict & Combat

If you want, combat can be a challenge, but it is not mandatory to have enemies on the map.

You can define which military units occupy territory buildings as well as where they extend your territory or which location they patrol to protect your people, secure a trade route or search for enemies.

Your patrolling units as well as patrolling enemies will scout for valid targets and engage them in duels if they spot them nearby. The combat power of a unit defines the chance to win a duel.

Here you will find some additional information about all conflict units:

How many units can the player have?

We do not have the final numbers yet, but the population of the player's tribe will be several thousand units. The number of buildings will be in the hundreds.

1. Player units

Guard (Wooden Spear, combat power 2)
Veteran Guard (Iron Lance, Chain armor, combat power 6)

  • Expand your territory
  • Cannot leave your territory
  • Attack hostile units in your territory

Soldier (Bronze sword, Wooden shield, combat power 3)
Advanced Soldier (Iron sword, Wooden shield, combat power 6)
Veteran Soldier (Iron sword, Iron shield, Chain Armor, combat power 12)

  • Attack hostile units anywhere

Ranger (Torch, Light armor, combat power 4)
Skilled Ranger (Magic Torch, Padded armor, combat power 15, only available if lucky on trade offers)

  • Removes disguise of spotted thieves
  • +100% combat power against thieves
  • Attacks hostile units anywhere

Fearnaught (Silver Blade, Light armor, combat power 5)
Heroic Fearnaught (Magic Blade, Padded armor, combat power 20, only available if lucky on trade offers)

  • +200% combat power against werewolves
  • Attacks hostile units anywhere

2. Hostile units

Thief (combat power 2)
Cunning Thief (combat power 4)
Master Thief (combat power 7)

  • Disguises to steal
  • Does not attack while disguised
  • Immune to attack while disguised
  • Steals commodities to deliver them to their camp

Bandit (combat power 3)
Veteran Bandit (combat power 6)
Elite Bandit (combat power 10)

  • Robs commodities of carriers to deliver them to their camp
  • Steals commodities to deliver them to their camp

Spectre (combat power 3)
Restless Spectre (combat power 5)
Haunting Spectre (combat power 8)

  • Scares soldiers and guards and crumbles their equipment to dust
  • Scares civilians with equipment and crumbles it to dust

Werewolf (combat power 6)
Savage Werewolf (combat power 10)

  • Bites defeated units after combat
  • Bites civilians
  • Bitten units turn into werewolves once they reach the werewolf camp

Quality of Life Issues

If I have multiple recruitment buildings of the same type, can I redirect equipment from one location to another?

If you want to force the transfer immediately, you can disable one of the recruitment buildings for a short time.

If I want to recruit multiple unit types in a recruitment building, in which order will they be recruited?

Currently, if equipment is available, one unit type is preferred until all orders for this unit type are executed.

If I own fewer military units as assigned to my guard towers and garrisons, how can I ensure they move to a specific location?

You can reduce the number of units in other locations or disable them to make sure the important one is occupied immediately.

Can I tell my guards to stop claiming territory

You can remove the guards from the territory building to ensure the claiming process is stopped.

User Interface and Tooltips

The User interface for meals and food consumption, wealth and combat boost as well as homes and population miss some tooltips and details in the Early Access version. Those will be added with game updates during Early Access. For a better overview, we provide here additional information about those features.

How do I feed the miners?

  • The quarries and all mining huts need nutrition meals to keep working.
  • Each meal has a nutrition value, and a miner uses up 1 nutrition for each mining process.
  • There are 2 types of meals you can feed to your miners:
  • Prepared rations
  • Fresh cooked nutrition meals of the tavern. If available, these are delivered with priority.

How can I produce rations and how good are they?

  • A ration provides a nutrition value of 6.
  • Rations can be produced by the Provisioner smoking meat using firewood or packing bread.
  • Smoked boar meat turns into 4 rations, bread into 3 rations, smoked rabbit meat into 2 rations and smoked deer meat into 1 ration.

How does the tavern produce nutritious meals?

  • You need a marketplace with suited food ingredients near the tavern and supply of firewood.
  • A marketplace consists of a market fountain and several market stalls.
  • The cooks will pick up the most suited ingredients at the marketplace:
  • A meal can have a main dish, side dish, dessert, and drink.
  • The minimum to prepare a meal is a main OR side dish.
  • With one cooking process, a cook will provide 3 nutritious meals and place them in front of the tavern.
  • Carriers will deliver those nutritious meals to mining buildings.

Which food ingredients can be used for nutritious meals and how good are they?

  • Main dishes: Boar meat (nutrition value 8) or Rabbit meat (4)
  • Side dishes: Bread (6) or Cabbage (5) or pumpkin (3)
  • Dessert: Raspberries (2)
  • Drink: Water (1)
  • The best nutritious meal currently is Boar meat + Bread + Raspberries + Water = Nutrition value 17

How do I get more population?

  • The carriers living in cottages and residences will visit the tavern to consume fresh comfort meals.
  • Each meal they consume has a comfort value which depends on the meal ingredients.
  • After they return to their home, a new baby will be born if the comfort score of that home is high enough.
  • If you have less than 500 units total population, only 5 comfort score is needed for a newborn.
  • If you have less than 750 units total population, 10 comfort score is needed.
  • If you have less than 1000 units total population, 15 comfort score is needed.
  • This score needed will increase, the current maximum population is 3000.

How does the tavern produce comfort meals?

  • You need tavern tables near the tavern to be able to serve the meals.
  • You need cottages or residences somewhere to have guests visiting the tavern.
  • You need a marketplace with suited food ingredients near the tavern and supply of firewood.
  • A marketplace consists of a market fountain and several market stalls.
  • The cooks will pick up the most suited ingredients at the marketplace:
  • A meal can have a main dish, side dish, dessert, and drink.
  • The minimum to prepare a meal is a main OR side dish.
  • With one cooking process, a cook will provide 4 comfort meals and place them on one of the taverns tables.

Which food ingredients can be used for comfort meals and how good are they?

  • Main dishes: Deer meat (comfort value 8) or Rabbit meat (4)
  • Side dishes: Porcini (6) or Corn (5) or pumpkin (3)
  • Dessert: Raspberries (2)
  • Drink: Water (1)
  • The best comfort meal currently is Deer meat + Porcini + Raspberries + Water = Comfort value 17

How do homes work?

  • Each of your units will need a home.
  • Your ship, the Venturer, can be a home for up to 500 Pagonians.
  • Each cottage you build will provide a home for 10 more units.
  • Each residence you build will provide a home for 25 more units.
  • All carriers will live in your cottages, and residences preferably, and use the ship as necessary.
  • All other homeless units (details below) will also use space in your cottages, residences, and the ship.
  • If you have no more space available, your carriers will no longer visit the tavern and therefore not provide any more newborns until there is space available again.
  • You can see the current balance of homes in the top bar. If the number is positive, you have space available. If the number is negative, everything is occupied.

What are units without a home?

  • Units do not currently have a home of the type they prefer, instead they will occupy space in cottages, residences, and the ship.
  • Craftspeople of all types live in the building where they work. Craftspeople without a work building, because their building was teared down or because they are part of your initial landing party, do not have a home.
  • Military units assigned to a guard tower or garrison as well as military units resting in military camps use those as their home. Surplus military units recruited which are not assigned and do not find room in military camps do not have a home.
  • Construction units (Diggers, Builders and Construction Carriers) use Construction Camps as their home while Traders use Trading Camps. Surplus units of those types which find no room in the camps have no home.

How does the treasury work?

  • The treasury stores any items of value. This includes coins, gems, and rare artifacts. All items stored in the treasury will strengthen your combat units.
  • The capacity of the treasury is 7 piles of up to 16 commodities. Means it can hold e.g., 112 similar commodities (e.g., 112 units of copper coins) or up to 7 different commodities of value with up to 16 units of each of those.
  • You can use as many treasuries as you like.

How does Wealth work?

  • Your total wealth is the total value of all your items of value stored in treasuries.
  • Copper coins are the most basic value item with a value of 1, silver coins have a value of 3.
  • Sometimes you can get your hands on gems by trading. The value of emeralds is 15, rubies 20 and diamonds 25 each.
  • In some maps you can find rare artifacts, their value varies between 20 and 150!
  • The value of commodities will be displayed in the tooltips with a game update in December.

How much combat power do I get for Wealth?

  • Your units start with 100% combat power as your initial wealth is 0.
  • If you have 10 value stored, your units already get a combat power of 110%
  • The examples given here are not milestones to unlock the next higher boost, each single value improvement has immediate impact, e.g. at total value 5, you already have a combat power of 105%.
  • If you have 40 value stored, your units have combat power of 120%.
  • If you have 100 value stored, your units have combat power of 130%.
  • If you have 400 value stored, your units have combat power of 150%.
  • If you have 4000 value stored, your units have combat power of 200%
  • The maximum combat power is 400% currently.
  • The total wealth and the current combat power of your units will be displayed in the top bar with a game update in December.
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